Focus is Strength

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Suggestion of the Month:

 Yoga Nidra

I like to think of Yoga Nidra as the new and improved nap. It’s type of meditation you do in a comfortable resting position, typically on your back on the floor. Listen to the guiding voice direct your awareness through your body. As your attention is drawn inward your whole nervous system relaxes.

One of my favorites can be found on You Tube. Look for Yoga Nidra - Track 1 and 2 by Daniela Casotti (Devamani)


Gracefully she balanced while moving from one inverted pose to another. As we watched in awe her well muscled partner said to me, “ I might look stronger than her because of my muscles but she is way stronger than me because of her focus”. At that moment something clicked inside me. I realized, I want to deepen my focus. Focus is Strength.
— Ann Hyde