Description & Rates

My aim is to guide you into your own unique experience inside.   

Class Description  

Go deeper into your yoga practice in my two hour immersion classes.  

 I will offer cues and sequences that stretch your ability to focus and teach you to feel your breath in new ways.  As you feel your breathing body it will inform your brain of things that will excite and surprise you.  My aim is to guide you into your own unique experience inside.  You will gain confidence and learn to trust what is true for you.  
These asana classes flow but also bring stillness.  The kind of stillness that allows you to feel the internal flow of your life force.  You might find this feeling in a standing pose, an inversion or a seated position. It’s worth the time.  There is enough time. 

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Montrose Yoga Co-op Rates

Drop In:  $20.00
5 Class Package:  $95.00 (19.00/Class)
10 Class Package:  $180.00 ($18.00/Class)
20 Class Package:  $340.00 ($17.00/Class)

Montrose Yoga Co-op Payment information

• Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.
Note: 3% fee will be added to credit card purchases.

• There is no time limit for using your package.

• Make all payments to me at the door. 

• All previously purchased class blocks transferred from Indika to MYC.

The Breathing Room Payment Information

  • This is where my Wednesday evening class will be taught starting September 4, 2019.

  • Pay the Breathing Room directly. Check their web site for rates. You can pay on line or at the door.