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Yoga is about you. It’s an intimate internal exploration that has no finish line. That’s what makes it fascinating for a lifetime.

My teaching style has developed over 21 years and has been influenced by many outstanding teachers.  Ana Forrest and the Forrest Yoga system have been inspiring me since 2004. When I took my first class with Ana I knew right away that my yoga practice was going to get up-leveled, rinsed out and re-examined in many ways.  The dedicated focus on the pillars of Forrest Yoga: Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit have helped me build trust in myself and confidence through clarity. Instead of simply believing a concept, Forrest Yoga has taught me to feel and trust my own experience as truth.  In this way, I have grown at my own pace and learned from my mistakes and my gifts. Everyday my yoga practice teaches me the importance of breath, to skillfully breathe and feel my body's ability to change and heal. I can feel space and sparkle glowing inside me and I can command a position on my mat and in my life.  I am grateful for all my teachers, including my students and my closest mentor, my breath.
I have been teaching yoga in Houston for 20 years and am one of the founding Forrest Yoga Guardian (Mentor) teachers.

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