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March 11, 2017

Location: my space above Indika
516 Westheimer Rd.  Montrose area. 

As I was planning this Saturday Workshop I remembered this inspirational moment.  Here's the story: 

A Moment of Strength
By Ann Hyde

About 11 years ago I was in a Forrest Yoga training and the lead assistant was a man with large defined muscles like a bodybuilder.  We were standing next to each other watching Ana Forrest gravity surf, gracefully balancing while moving from one inverted pose to another.  As we both watched in awe he said, " I might look stronger than her because of my muscles but she is way stronger than me because of her focus".   Boom!  I got it.  His words and her demonstration together sent a powerful message.  Focus is Strength.
Forrest Yoga asks for intense focus.  In that moment I knew I was about to begin again and I have been ever since.  To this day, everyday I ask myself to focus and feel my breath in a seated forward bend, in an inversion or in a conversation with a friend.  Focus lights a path for breath ... Energy flows ... Strength is there.

For graduates of the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Course.  
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Ann in the News

Ann demonstrated Forrest Yoga Abdominal Poses in the August 2009 Issue of Yoga Journal!
(.pdf link)